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Walking Wild Shores

The book is out:Walking Wild Shores book cover
Walking Wild Shores: Portraits of the Natural World.

If you enjoy this blog, you might enjoy this book. It is based on the emailed stories sent out before this blog began.

Update: David James reviewed the book for the Daily News Miner. Now I can actually have one of those ridiculously brief review quotes that all the page-turners display:

“…damned good.” David A. James.

It is a great review. He summarizes it better than I could have.

Back during the publishing process an email came asking me whether there were any reviews that should be used in the book’s promotion. There were no formal reviews, but three were rattling around in my head:

“Please to come byack to Russia.” V. Putin
“Surprisingly little corncob; I actually enjoyed it.” Anonymous
“You write so well.” Author’s mother