Monthly Archives: January 2016

Another Time Vortex

We’re in a jam. Another jar of homemade blackberry jam dropped into the present out of a time vortex. This one is from 1993. It’s a full quart – a massive quantity – and is even better than the last jar that dropped in from 1995. We’re clearly doing something right and only wish we could do it again on purpose.


A 22-year-old jar of jam showed up, just as delicious as the day it was made.

A Wood Shed

Back when energy was a lot more expensive than it is today (and who knows how long that will last), we opted to use our wood stove for heat every day instead of just occasionally. This strategy requires a lot of work, more so for our being at such a high latitude. With long winters and short summers, there is only a short time to dry wood and a long time during which you need it.
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