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Crossing Paths

I put the book down and brought my head back into the 21st century. I’d been reading 19th-century correspondence about explorations in the far Northwest by some of the most important people to document the biological diversity of Alaska and western Canada. I’d just finished a long letter from 1864 by Robert Kennicott to R. McFarlane, a Hudson’s Bay Company factor.

This was in William Healy Dall’s 1915 biography of Spencer Fullerton Baird, who was the first curator at the Smithsonian Institution and later served as Assistant Secretary and then as Secretary.
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Say No to “Tax Reform” and Trickle-Down Economics

The broad outlines of the Republican effort at tax reform are clear. The main components are a big tax cut for the rich and about $1.5 trillion of more debt. While we don’t know yet what the final bills will look like in the House or Senate, these main points are unlikely to change. These two pillars of the bill should make everyone boiling mad, for two reasons: 1) Increasing income disparity by pushing another trickle-down economic benefits fantasy creates a few big winners and many more losers (most of us). 2) The Republicans pushing this are total hypocrites on fiscal responsibility and not increasing the deficit. But wait, there’s more!

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Republicans Dying to Worsen Health Care

Who would have thought we’d be at it again, with Republicans in the Senate pushing another “Let’s-make-health-care-worse” bill. Frankly, I have things I’d much rather do than address this, but it is important. Bottom line: the Graham-Cassidy bill may be the worst Trumpcare bill yet, and while some details are still flexible, overall it is terrible. Call your senators to oppose it, and urge them to work together to improve the nation’s health care. Here are some of the details…
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