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The Ninja from Beringia (Internet security)

The U.S. government has given the green light to your internet service providers to sell your data. Yep. Your privacy is for sale, and you have nothing to say about it until your next chance to vote for new representatives in Congress. But there is a series of fairly simple things you can do in the meantime to improve your life and make your data crap for those wishing to sell it.

I am not an expert, but I can figure things out and see that they work, and most people just naively do nothing and hope everything will be alright. It won’t be. So protect yourself. Feeling brave, the “I’ve got nothing to hide!” bravado? Get past this, or you and your secure accounts (like your bank) are more likely to get hacked. Plus it just feels good to improve your internet experience and give a big ol’ one-fingered salute to the greedy bastards who want to sell your data and the assholes who decided to let them.

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A Wood Shed

Back when energy was a lot more expensive than it is today (and who knows how long that will last), we opted to use our wood stove for heat every day instead of just occasionally. This strategy requires a lot of work, more so for our being at such a high latitude. With long winters and short summers, there is only a short time to dry wood and a long time during which you need it.
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Knobhead’s Long Journey

It was 1985, and I was cutting another net lane to catch Wood Thrushes as part of my Master’s thesis research in southern Veracruz, Mexico. Steve Stucker was there with me, and our machetes were flashing as we cut rainforest vegetation to create a 12-meter lane about 1.5 meters wide where we would put a mist net.
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