Half-Tail and the Sweet Boys

The midnight wildlife was out in force last night. A light rain and cool weather was welcomed by all. Only one of the northern flying squirrels came in to the feeder — Half-Tail, the more beat-up-looking one. Even alone, though, she (and I’m guessing on sex here) did some acrobatics, climbing high up the side of the house and flying out to Bird Tree before returning and sitting on the bird feeder by the window.

In this nice-for-a-change weather, two male Swainson’s Thrushes tuned up and did some vigorous counter-singing. It seems late in the year for this, but weather-wise it was perfect, and their wild, whirling, flutelike notes made for a fine dining experience. I sat there reading and having some figs and cheese with a glass of whisky, while Half-Tail feasted on gourmet shelled sunflower seeds. All was well with the world.

Here is a link to what Swainson’s Thrushes sound like.