BCRA – Breaking the Nation’s Health Care

If I had more time, this would be a long post. But I can only spank boiled ire down on the page for a short time today. A bill developed in secret with “screw you” core elements is not dead yet. It needs to be. Wrongly labeled “better care,” the only healthy improvement it contains is wealthy peoples’ income from tax breaks. The rest of us will suffer. This bill will take health care away from tens of millions, give generous tax breaks to the wealthy, cause major economic hits to great swaths of society, and is opposed by most Americans. It is also opposed by the health care community (from big insurers to hospitals and medical associations), by the AARP, and a long list of other groups. It has an approval rating among the public of just 17%. It’s the least popular legislation in 30 years (and has gotten less popular since this article appeared).

It is amazing that such a terrible piece of legislation is alive at all. Republicans developed it in secret and are trying to ram it down our throats. Conveniently, we are distracted by the Trump circus. Call your senators and encourage them to vote against it (or thank them if they are already committed to doing so).

Don’t be confused by the uncertainty regarding details of this legislation—there is nothing good on the table, just different flavors of really bad. This is purely a party-before-country ideological march over a cliff, for which tens of millions of Americans will suffer immediately (health-wise and economically) and more over the longer term. Here are some of the general outcomes.

Here are details on the bill’s effects. And here is Alaska as an example.

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The Ninja from Beringia (Internet security)

The U.S. government has given the green light to your internet service providers to sell your data. Yep. Your privacy is for sale, and you have nothing to say about it until your next chance to vote for new representatives in Congress. But there is a series of fairly simple things you can do in the meantime to improve your life and make your data crap for those wishing to sell it.

I am not an expert, but I can figure things out and see that they work, and most people just naively do nothing and hope everything will be alright. It won’t be. So protect yourself. Feeling brave, the “I’ve got nothing to hide!” bravado? Get past this, or you and your secure accounts (like your bank) are more likely to get hacked. Plus it just feels good to improve your internet experience and give a big ol’ one-fingered salute to the greedy bastards who want to sell your data and the assholes who decided to let them.

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Healthy Trails, Roads, Footpaths, and other Euphemisms

Our esteemed employer recognizes that investing in preventive medicine is a good thing, saving bigger money down the road. So they contract with an esteemed health-care provider to bombard us with emails about our shitty health habits. They don’t actually know (or aren’t supposed to, anyway) that we have shitty health habits. But, hey, going by statistics of the average American population and adding up the healthcare expenditures for this insured pool, they can make some pretty good guesses. And, shoot, emails are cheap.
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