Monthly Archives: June 2015

Beringian Apocalypse

Our beautiful spring and early summer weather was idyllic. Rose and I had dinner on the deck every evening, and we were often outside reading until ten or eleven PM. But as things got dryer and temperatures pushed into the low 80s each day, we grew concerned. Then Zeus sent thunderbolts from the sky and set Beringia on fire.

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Half-Tail and the Sweet Boys

The midnight wildlife was out in force last night. A light rain and cool weather was welcomed by all. Only one of the northern flying squirrels came in to the feeder — Half-Tail, the more beat-up-looking one. Even alone, though, she (and I’m guessing on sex here) did some acrobatics, climbing high up the side of the house and flying out to Bird Tree before returning and sitting on the bird feeder by the window.
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