Perk Up the Driveway

Thirty-one years of slow erosion had taken its toll on our driveway.

It was worn down to some big, bumpy rocks in places, and perking it back up finally got put on the list of things we just had to get done. So last weekend Rose and I shoveled and raked 28 yards of D1 gravel. Woohoo!

An old, worn down, bumpy drive

An old, worn down, bumpy drive

The folks at Fairbanks Sand & Gravel were very good at helping us figure out what type of gravel we wanted, and their driver was just fantastic in getting it laid down the best way he could to minimize the handwork that we had to do with shovels and rakes. It took two big loads and a little muscle, but the results are so nice we’re wondering why we waited so long. Gravel. Not usually a thing that makes you really happy.


What is this smooth, unfamiliar surface?

It is gravel, sir. Sweet, smooth, new gravel...

It is gravel, sir, sweet, smooth new gravel…

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